Simone's Butterfly

100 Idea Swap

Swap Host: Teresa

Inspired by Kerri Smith

1. Photographic journal of my walk. (this will take out of this website to my flickr account)

2. Find a piece of poetry you respond to. Rewrite it and glue it into your journal.

3. List all of the places you've ever lived. (this will take out of this website to my blog)

4.Make pencil rubbing's of six different surfaces. (click here to view)

5.Glue a photo of yourself as a child into your journal. (at the bottom of this page)

6. Read: One Day, Someday by Lynne Barrett-Lee  364 pages and The Falconer by EC McCarthy (A love story to rival The Bridges of Madison County)

7. 100 things you can do with tin cans. (Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas)

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