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Two ladies participating experience deaths in their families. They decided to stay in swap because they felt it would help the grieving process. Their partner obviously understand that these swaps would be sent after the due date.

"Hi Simone, My partner in the last swap sent me a wonderfully decorative set of pages with her list enscribed on it with a bag of candy"

"I'm glad she liked it, I sent her some of my favorite candy that I splurge on sometimes from a local candy maker who makes delicious and beautiful candies, it was hard to part with, haha! This was a wonderful swap, it's so nice to see so many people counting their blessings. I got a wonderful little handmade book full of "grateful things" from my partner, along with some extra scrapbooking paper. She was only 18, and everything on her list was wonderful, (except that she was grateful for cigarettes, how sad! My motherly instincts wanted to write her a note to tell her to lose the cigarettes, she's too young to be starting that, but I bit my tongue, to each his own, I guess, huh?) Thank you again for an inspirational swap, you made alot of people stop and smell the roses, you should be proud!"

"Thoughts on more negative seeming lists - (from Luciano): Regarding your comment about negative lists reinforcing negative feelings: I think it's quite the contrary: negative thoughts are usually circular. Consciously dumping all of them in a list may be just what you need to escape the loop of negative thoughts.

"The List of 100 is a powerful technique you can use to generate ideas, clarify your thoughts, uncover hidden problems or get solutions to any specific questions you're interested. " Luciano Passuello

Please Read

I read this and immediately thought that this would be a great idea, so with Luciano Passuello's permission I will be hosting 100 list swaps using his 100 list.

List One:      100 Things I'm Grateful for
List Two:       100 Ways I Could Nurture Myself
List Three:    100 Ways I Sabotage Myself
List Four:      100 Things I' m Good At
List Five:      100 Things I Like About Myself
List Six:        100 Questions I Want Answers
List Seven:    100 Ways To Improve My Life
List Eight:     100 Things I've Accomplished In My Life
9:                 100 Things I'm Feeling Stressed About
10:               100 Things I'd Do If I Had Time
11:               100 Things I Need Or Want To Do
12:               100 Things I Want To Accomplish In The Next X Month
13:               100 Things To Do Before I Die
14:               100 Things That Are Going Right
15:                100 Things That Are Going Wrong
16:                100 Reasons I Want To Stay Married/Committed
17:                100 Reasons I Don't Want To Stay Married/Committed
18:                100 Things I Want In A Partner/Relationship
19:                100 Things I Have To Offer To A Partner/Relationship
20:                100 Fears I Am Having Right Now
21:                100 Things That Once Scared Me But Don't Anymore
22:                100 Reasons To Save Money
23:                100 Things I Miss
100 Sacrifices I Have Made
100 Marketing Ideas For My Business
100 Ways I Can Make Money
100 Ways To Make A Difference
100 Jobs/Careers I'd Like To Have
100 Fears About Being A Multimillionaire
100 Things I Believe In
100 Achievements (Qualities) I Am Proud Of
100 Things I Value In Life
100 Ways I Help Others
100 Things That Turn Me On
100 Things That Turn Me Off
100 Judgments I Make
100 Things I Find Hard To Share
100 Things I'm Disappointed About
100 Things I'm Angry About
100 Things I'm Sad About
100 Things [Peoples, Places] I Love
100 Things To Do When I' Depressed
100 Things To Do When I'm Alone
100 Rules I Have Broken
100 Skills I Have
100 Feelings I Am Having Right Now
100 Childhood Memories
100 Things My Parents Used To Say To Me
100 Ways In Which I'm Generous
100 Ways To Be More Productive
100 Things I Hate
100 Things I Want
100 Places I'd Like To Visit
100 Things I'd Like Someone To Tell Me
100 Things I'd Like To Hear
100 Things I'd Like To Tell My Child
100 Things I Want My Child To Know About Me
100 Reasons To Have A Baby
100 Reasons Not To Have A Baby
100 Adjectives Describing Myself
100 Decisions Other Have Made For Me
100 Decisions I Made That Turned Out Well
100 Things I'd Do If I Had Six Months To Live
100 Expectations Other Have Of Me
100 Expectations I Have Of Myself
100 Judgments I Haven't Released
100 Ways To Be More Creative
100 Things I Could Carry In My Pocket
100 Things I'd Save If My House Were On Fire
100 Things I Want To Tell My Mother [Father]
100 Things I'd Never Tell My Mother [Father]
100 Financial Fears
100 Excuses I Make For Myself
100 Things I Need/Want To Control
100 Fears I Have About Giving Up Control
100 Answered Prayers
100 People I'd Like To Meet
100 Reasons Why I Get Jealous
100 People I Admire
100 Tasks I've Been Procrastinating
100 Memories From My Past
100 Things That Nourish Me
100 Things I Haven't Finished
100 Things I'm Glad I've Done
100 Things I'll Never Do Again
100 Ways To Generate Income
100 Principles To Live By
100 People I Want To Forgive
100 People I Want To Forgive Me
100 Things To Forgive Myself For
100 Mistakes I Have Made
100 Lessons I Have Learned
100 Ways To Be Healthier
100 Things That Make Me Cry
100 Things That Make Me Laugh
100 Things I'd Delegate
100 Thing I Want For My Birthday
100 Possessions I'm Tired Of Owning
100 Responsibilities That I'd Like To Avoid
100 Things To Write A List Of 100 About

"Don't worry too much about repeating entries; duplicates can shed light on your patterns of thought...... Last 30 entries: where the gems are

At this point you will already have exhausted most "logical" answers, allowing your subconscious mind to express itself more freely. Don't be surprised if you get at least one or two really nonsensical or seemingly illogical entries. You may feel tempted to not write them down (How on earth did I think that?). Write them down anyway: these wacky entries may sound far from profound, but it's exactly those items you're after. " Luciano Passuello.

This is going to be snail-mail again. I am going to put a poll on website to find out whether you would prefer that these type of swap snail-mail or electronic. Your opinion would highly be appreciated even if you are not planning to join-up in the future swaps.

All are welcome. Please make sure you have a full profile that includes some interests, likes and dislikes. If your partner wants to end something small and light.

 Would you like to share your list?
Join us on the Blog: Lists of 100
To join, send an e-mail to jennhx AT comcast DOT net. You will then be sent a login and can post your own lists!
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